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Korean Minhwa workshop gives life to sarimanok

The National Museum and the Korean Cultural Center do another collaboration

Workshop participants with their 'sarimanok' art works (Contributed photo)

Last February 18, the Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines (KCC) with the National Museum of the Philippines hosted a Minhwa Workshop featuring artist Yoon Donghyun. The fusion of the Philippines’ symbolic figure, Sarimanok, and Korean traditional painting Minhwa is the latest collaboration between Korea and the Philippines.

Local artists, art students and art lovers joined the workshop at the National Museum of Anthropology and learned more about the traditional Korean art and the Filipino culture heritage.

Sarimanok drawn in Minhwa style by artist Yoon Dong Hyun

Minhwa, or commoner’s painting, reflects the life and emotions of the common people. Its subjects vary from animals, plants, to objects symbolizing different things. An illustration of a tiger is considered a symbol of protection, while a peony represents the wish for wealth. The Maranaoan legendary bird sarimanok, the subject of this workshop, represents the wish for good luck and good energy.

The workshop program started with the guided tour of the National Museum, to the Sarimanok artwork in the exhibition hall. The participants then learned about the historical and cultural background of Minhwa, and  experienced creating it. With six colors made from natural and organic materials, the participants drew the Sarimanok on Hanji (Korean paper made from mulberry tree).

Artist Yoon Dong Hyun giving lecture

In the lecture, artist Yoon gave a memorable parting message to the participants. “I hope this workshop to be an opportunity for you to gain confidence in Philippine heritage, share each other’s culture, and appreciate art more”. Artist Yoon drew from a background in traditional arts and craft, has presented his works in exhibitions, and has an extensive teaching experience at Ateneo de Manila University, KCC, etc.

This year, KCC and the National Museum in the Philippines continue their partnership through a performance in October with the Korean National University of Arts performance group.

Minhwa workshop poster

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