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Softer leather, two-tone, small bag attached: It’s a fun Montblanc

Luxury maison introduces new collection that adds endless possibilities to your on-the-go look

Montblanc Sartorial Tote Bag with Envelope Pouch

As Montblanc continues reimagining its leather goods collections, the maison adds a new dimension to its signature business collection. The redesigned Montblanc Sartorial Collection has bags and smaller accessories in softer leather with a deep two-tone effect, new colors, and a modularity system that allows small pieces to be attached to larger bags, creating new functionalities, styling options and customization possibilities.

Inspired by the beauty and experience of handwriting, Montblanc Sartorial’s design codes are rooted in the Maison’s writing culture heritage. Recognizable ink bottles from the Montblanc archive have inspired the triangular design of the handles, while the construction of the sides of the bags evoke the opening of an envelope with two overlapping pieces of leather.

“While this collection has a timeless and classic quality with modern shapes that can be used every day, there is no reason why the pieces shouldn’t be fun and creative,” says Marco Tomasetta, Montblanc artistic director. That’s where the idea for the modular feature came from—a way to express individual style while finding new functionality for each piece. “We’ve given personality and life to a more modern all-black bag, so that it can be changed every season or to create a different look.”

The extensive assortment of large, medium and small leather pieces includes document cases (large, medium, thin) and backpacks (large, medium, small), with space for technical devices, A4 documents, and other business essentials, including precious writing instruments in dedicated pockets.

Vertical tote

Open totes for a more casual approach to work feature a classic vertical design and a new trapeze silhouette, offering multi-wearable options with short handles in leather and longer handles in fabric. The capacity of the new tote can also be enlarged, with press buttons on the sides.

A bowling bag with zip closure can be carried by hand or on the shoulder, with the adjustable and detachable shoulder strap. Given its wide capacity, it is a great companion from day to night, from business to leisure, and every adventure in between.

Small leather goods: wallets and card cases

Compact bags include envelope-shaped pouches, a mini bag and a mini messenger with a back side leather band that fits the handles of document cases and totes, adding functionality and allure to the larger pieces . Essential business companions include a laptop case with front handle, a notebook, and a notepad holder.

Wallets, card holders, pen pouches, and key fobs make up the small accessory assortment in a variety of colors, and a new phone pouch that can be attached to document cases and totes so as to have tech devices always at hands.

The Montblanc Summit 3 Smartwatch also gets a sartorial edit with the addition of leather straps in two new colors and a new watchface featuring customizable initials.

While black and forged iron are the main colors for the bags, small accessories are also in red, blue, British green, mosto (a timeless tone of burgundy), and ivory, creating a bold contrast when attached to larger pieces using the modular system created for the collection. The leather used throughout the collection has undergone a CO2 neutral tanning process.

The Montblanc Sartorial Collection is available starting February 2023 at Montblanc boutiques and online. For more information, visit

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