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Mouth-watering specials by Michelin-star chefs at Solaire

10th year celebration is once-in-a-lifetime gastronomical experience

Chef Alvin Leung’s luxurious comfort food— wagyu beef and abalone, black truffle.

Solaire flies in five Michelin Star Chef’s to mark their 10th year anniversary. The first event of its kind, the gastronomic adventure will be held in five of Solaire’s signature restaurants, each presenting a Michelin Star chef doing a curated list of specialties. The spirits and beverage experts will do bespoke concoctions and offer exceptional wines.

Here’s what you can expect at this once-in-a-lifetime indulgence.

Chef Enrico Bartolini’s bottoni filled with olive oil and lime, octopus, caccuicco sauce. At Finestra Italian Steakhouse, he will do a seven-course dinner highlighting his philosophy “Contemporary Classics”.

Chef Enrico Bartolini

Chef Enrico Bartolini’s turbot in green.

Chef Enrico Bartolini

Chef Rui Silvestre’s lobster, masala, black garlic, celery root. Catch him at Waterside. Not to be missed. You’d never want to eat seafood the same way again!

Chef Rui Silvestre

Chef Rui Silvestre’s carabineiro, tapioca, curry. Inspired by the chef’s grandmother. Perfection in every bite.

Chef Rui Silvestre

Chef Tohru Nakamura’s Toro — koshihikari, okage, shiokoji, wasabi paired with Junmai Daiginjo sake, the best Solaire has to offer.  He will show his distinct style of marrying European culinary hallmarks with purposeful Japanese principles at Yakumi.

Chef Tohru Nakamura

Chef Tohru Nakamura’s wagyu — light grilled tartare, chawanmushi, mizunasu, Sturia caviar, roasted konbu ponzu.

Chef Tohru Nakamura

No smoke and mirrors coming out of this!
Inspired by our very own arroz caldo, Chef Alvin Leung’s pastry-capped rich chicken soup with morel mushroom. At Red Lantern, Chef Leung will bring the innovative food engineering that garnered him his Michelin Star.

Chef Alvin Leung

Dessert can be a main course too! Chef René Frank’s eggplant with pecan nut, apple balsamic, and licorice salt. This owner of 2-Michelin Star dessert restaurant CODA in Berlin will showcase dishes inspired by desserts at Oasis Garden Cafe.

Chef René Frank

A remarkable dessert by Chef René Frank — grapefruit with mascarpone, savoy cabbage and a spray of thyme.

Chef René Frank

Don’t miss the culinary phenomenon of the year at Solaire’s 10th Anniversary celebration. For details and more information, you may email: [email protected]. Follow Solaire’s social media channels on Facebook/SolaireResort, Instagram/solaireresort, and Twitter @solairesort for more updates.

Make a reservation now: https://www.solaireresort.com/ten/michelinstarchefs

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