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Playful horses gallop across Hermès’ new tableware

Artist Gianpaolo Pagni drew inspiration from jockey silks and the world of cartoons

Hippomobile Mug 5 Hermes © Studio des Fleurs

Hippomobile Mug 4 Hermes © Studio des Fleurs

Hippomobile Teapot Hermes © Studio des Fleurs

Hippomobile Tea Pot Hermes © Studio des Fleurs

Hermès presents a delightful, stylish addition to its distinctive tableware. Hippomobile is a joyful and playful tea service whose pieces can be freely combined: a horse wraps around the teapot, another stretches over three plates, a motif sneaks up inside a cup.

The designs can be mixed and combined, adapting easily to every occasion: breakfast, morning coffee, or high tea.

In imagining this service, artist Gianpaolo Pagni drew inspiration from jockey silks and the world of cartoons: “I envisioned a horse with an elongated back that could hold several riders. A kind of limousine horse.”

With this in mind, he interpreted an engraving from the Émile Hermès collection: a monochrome frame, which he covered with graphic friezes evoking jockey outfits. Each of his pieces starts with the crafting of stamps that will go on to create the motifs, leaving behind the slight quiver in the line that characterizes this technique.

In the Philippines, the Hermès boutique is at Greenbelt 3, Ayala Center Makati City and is open daily from 11 AM to 8 PM. 

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