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Rare Arturo Luz—from his personal collection—at Salcedo Auctions

Madjapahit Pot & Two Boxes

A rare Arturo Luz painting from the artist’s personal collection comes to Salcedo Auctions in The Well-appointed Life live and online auction on Saturday, September 17, 2p.m.

Madjapahit Pot & Two Boxes is a rare and sought-after piece of the National Artist that captures the quintessence of the revered abstractionist. Luz largely worked in a palette of blacks, reds and yellows, which makes the lot on offer at this Saturday’s auction highly prized—it is rendered in light brown, almost pinkish tones, executed in the subdued manner, with pale colors that do not completely adhere to the surface. Luz reveals deft mastery in depicting the semblance of lightness not often associated with abstract, geometric forms.

It must be noted that in Luz’s body of work, those that feature inanimate subjects are considerably less than those of human figures or architectural structures.

Luz belonged to a generation of post-war Filipino modernists. A restrained approach to painting, near-mathematical compositions, and figures broken down to their most basic silhouettes against textured backgrounds are some of the essential qualities of a Luz artwork. While the idea of a heavily dimensional and angular form of abstraction seems cold and heavy, he infuses it with a sense of playfulness and delicacy.

Arturo Luz had set aside a collection of his most cherished paintings, each frame of which he marked on the back as “Not For Sale.” Each of these works was incredibly distinct from the Luz paintings showcased in galleries and various art spaces.

This lot in tomorrow’s auction is consigned by the daughter of the late National Artist himself, Luisa Luz Lansigan. She points out that this painting was one of her father’s favorites.

Privileged access to the country’s most important artists—a mark of the trust and confidence enjoyed by Salcedo—enhances the joy of collecting, and gives one the peace of mind in The Well-appointed Life’

The Well-Appointed Life live and online auction is on Saturday, 17 September 2022, 2 p.m. Register to bid and browse the catalog at For inquiries, email [email protected] or call tel. no. +632 8823-0956 or (0917) 591-2191. Follow @salcedoauctions on Instagram and Facebook for updates.

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