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Solaire marks 9th year with biggest barbecue event

Top meats from the world over, seafood, roasts—all on March 12

Solaire serves the top meats from all over the world in its annual Pool BBQ event.

Good old Pinoy favorite, rich and crispy lechon

The city’s biggest barbecue event makes a comeback this March 12, 2022 to mark Solaire’s ninth year anniversary. It will have appetizing dishes from around the world.

Different types of skewers grilled and served straight on your plates

The tranquil poolside transforms into the hottest barbecue gig featuring the best meats from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. in a selection of jaw-dropping grilled specialties, with also seafood, in 12 stations.

Selection of side dishes and appetizers

Good work-up appetizers include different Japanese rolls like pickled ginger maki, spicy tuna, salmon avocado, and teriyaki tofu rolls, freshly sliced yellowfin, octopus, grouper or salmon sashimi, a range of nigiri sushi like ebi, white fish, and eel, as well as different kinds of cold noodles like the cold soba and somen noodles, Korean spicy cold noodles or jjolmyeon, or Shanghai noodles.

Bread section of Filipino pastries and breads

There are more savory bites—cold cuts and premium cheeses, grilled bruschetta of flatbread or rosemary focaccia with your choice of grilled kesong puti with piquillo, pancetta with red onion and bocconcini, home-cured ham with parmesan and arugula or smoked salmon with salmon roe and crème fraiche.

There are different kinds of sausages—Germany’s signature homemade pork and Thueringer sausages, Austrian cheese Krainer, hamonado, longanisa to spicy chorizo sausages.

Various meat sausages

For roasts—Peruvian whole chicken, distinct tandoori spiced lamb leg, smoked Texas-style brisket, tender 24-hour smoked BBQ pork ribs, and of course, the Filipino celebration must-have, a whole roasted crispy-skinned roasted lechon.

Local favorites in Filipino counter

There are party skewers like Iranian lamb kebabs, Lebanese chicken kebabs, and Turkish lamb kebabs, your pick of Malaysian sates, Filipino chicken inasal, chicken anticuchos, Indian chicken tikka, or tandoori shrimp skewers.

Different salads to complement fine Italian meat dishes

A Burger Bar has zesty crockpot chicken in Italian ciabatta with Italian slaw, smoked beef brisket drizzled in soja bean sauce and stuffed in a Kaiser roll, beef patty stuffed with feta with tzatziki sauce in Turkish bread bun, or for more Asian flavors, the Thai-style fish burger with green mango salsa and chili mayo, or the classic Solaire Burger.

Perfectly grilled meat

For the heavy eaters, there are German pork neck steaks seasoned with sweet paprika, mouthwatering roasted pork belly slices, Mongolian lamb chops in cumin and Chinese spices, melt-in-your-mouth grilled USDA beef hanger steak and rib-eye cap, tender tagine pork steak, and sous vide pork loin with hoisin glaze.

The BBQ sandpit with salmon over open fire

There’s a wide seafood range: wood smoked salmon and Hamachi, sauteed mussels with rich Nyonya sauce, prawn in sweet and spicy curry, seafood paella of prawns, clams, mussels and grilled kingfish.

Fresh mussels sautéed in  jumbo pan

For grilled seafood—grilled oysters, tanigue, and sardines, marinated tuna jaw with a tangy soya lemon, grilled salmon jaw with the refreshing citrusy zing of lemon and lemongrass, grilled mackerel with hints of pepper and mint, and Korean grilled squid.

There’s sambal grilled pompano and sambal squid wrapped in banana leaves, spicy coconut rice and prawns in banana leaves; flavorful seafood papillote and Otak Otak, an Indonesian fish cake dish with aromatic herbs, exotic spices, and the sweet fragrance of rich coconut milk.

Several dessert stations will have decadent sweets, from whole cakes to icy treats: crepe bar, marshmallow bar, with the soft marshmallows dipped in chocolate. There are seasonal fruits,  fruit salads, flour-based desserts like donuts, cakes, and tarts.

Then there’s the good old Pinoy halo-halo station.

There are free-flowing drinks, from wines, beers, cocktails, and non-alcoholic options.

There’s live music by Red Picasso and DJ Deej Diaz.

Solaire’s 9th anniversary Pool BBQ bonanza: Adult rates Php3,499+* and Php1,499+* for children ages 7 to 12 years old. Children 6 years old and below are free of charge. For information, https://www.solaireresort.com/bbqfestival. For reservations, call 8888-8888 or email [email protected].

*Prices are inclusive of 12% VAT and subject to 10% service charge.

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