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BTS concert tour cancelled:
We were hoping until…

It is inconvertible proof that the pandemic is nowhere near its end

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They were more than just concert tickets.

For BTS’ fans, these tickets would be our lifeline to happiness for when the pandemic was over—to see this phenomenal band in their Map of the Soul (MOTS) concert. Having BTS tickets in our hands gave us something to look forward to, an assurance that with our family and friends, we could watch RM, Jin, Suga, j-hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook live onstage, singing and dancing, surrounded by fellow ARMY—the BTS fandom—waving their light sticks and flooding the stadium with a purple glow.

I had told myself several times that I needed to survive this pandemic because I had MOTS tickets and I would see BTS. I kid you not.

But this morning, I woke up with a headache. Perhaps it was my body telling me to prepare for the bad news: BigHit Music announced that the MOTS North America concert tour was officially cancelled.

I called up my mom and sister. We all tried not to cry. We had been looking forward to watching the concert together. We had tickets to five shows, including soundcheck (concert rehearsals), floor (lower ground), and nosebleed (upper bleachers). My sister and I tried to download my online tickets, but we were too late: they were gone this morning.

Buying a BTS concert ticket is akin to the Hunger Games 

Buying a BTS concert ticket is akin to the Hunger Games, because you will be fighting against millions of other fans, which was why we hung on to our MOTS tickets even after refunds had been offered following its postponement last year. I have yet to meet an ARMY who had their tickets refunded last year. We were all still hoping that soon, we could once again feel the energy of a live concert with BTS.

Map of the Soul was an era that was robbed of the moment it deserved onstage. The album had among the best music of BTS in their eight-year career, showing their depth, range, and maturity as musicians.

Sure, BTS mounted a MOTS online concert, but they themselves know that their performances and the stage itself would have been far more exhilarating in a live concert. Just imagine how they would have performed ON with all its grandeur and powerful choreography.

The cancellation of the MOTS concert tour means we will have to wait much longer. It is inconvertible proof that the pandemic is nowhere near its end.

BTS have always talked about how much they want to perform live for ARMY. We thought the outdoor concert concept for Sowoozoo was already a sign that we would soon be seeing each other in person. The Delta variant destroyed that hope.

ARMY are trying to cope with humor, something we learned from BTS themselves. We are also concerned about how the boys feel now. For sure, they had been told about the cancellation before this morning’s announcement, but they empathize with their fans. Without a doubt, they are just as heartbroken that we now know there will be no longer be a MOTS concert.

All that is left for BTS and ARMY to do is to console each other. ARMY won’t be surprised if our seven boys will go on V-Live as a group soon, or have another online concert to make us happy.

And without a doubt, #ARMYWillWaitForBTS. Always.

Until then, stay safe and healthy, everyone. Borahae.

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