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How Hyun Bin helped
a widow recover from grief

And how it’s helping me recover from mine

Hyun Bin at Bench virtual fan meet. (Photo from VAST Entertainment & Media)

When I wrote about replaying memories of the Hyun Bin x Bench fan meet in my head, I was touched by a particular fan who lost her husband recently. She said that watching Hyun Bin’s drama series helped her recover from grief.

In a surprising move, in the fan chat, Hyun Bin gave message to this fan: “I hope you have more days to smile. And I want to tell you that you will have brighter days to come.”

It felt as if Hyun Bin was talking to me, too. I am also still dealing with grief upon the sudden loss of my brother 3 months ago. It was also what I needed to hear.

This fan identified herself in’s Facebook post. Bing Abrian Resurreccion said in her message, “I am that widow. God knows that I will be facing difficult days ahead, having both of my kids celebrating their birthdays this month without their loving dad. Borrowing two minutes and 45 seconds of Hyun Bin’s ‘undivided attention’ meant a lot to me. His words of comfort brought me to another level of healing. I can see that this is God’s doing, and with that, I am forever grateful.”

Our exchange continued on, and Bing shared with me her blog that helps her cope with grief. She shared practical things to do in dealing with grief in three parts. Read on:

It’s amazing how this event brought people together. When another fan heard about Bing’s story, she sent these customized macarons to the widow.

Indeed, even in grief there are reasons to smile.

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