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Memories of Hyun Bin
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Snippets from the Korean star’s fan meet

Hyun Bin at Bench virtual fan meet. (Photo from VAST Entertainment & Media)

There are those Sundays when I’m just feeling down and just want to stay in bed all day. It felt like that, until I logged in to to watch the Hyun Bin x Bench “I will always find you” fan meet. I found myself instantly smiling the minute I saw his face. His expressions were so genuine, it almost seemed like he was jumping out of the screen.

Here are some favorite snippets that I’m sure fans all over are also still replaying in their heads.

  1. Host Lee Eun-Jae (Jaejae) talked about his fans’ comments, and you could see how he bowed his head down in embarrassment. He becomes so shy when talking about his looks. (So adorable!) But he managed to turn it around and talked about his looks in a serious way. When asked if he ever had moments when he thought he looked cool, he said, “I think I feel it when I’m working on a project, there are times when I really fall into the character without myself knowing. When I see myself being immersed in a particular scene or situation, I think that’s when I get that feeling.” And added, “Not in terms of my physical appearance.”

    Hyun Bin’s reaction to his fans’ comments

  2. He said he doesn’t use social media because he wants to separate his personal life from his work life, and Jaejae asked, where do you keep your photos? Do you just keep it in an album or in your phone and look at them alone? He replied, “Oh I take photos of landscapes and such with a camera, not with my phone. And for the photos that I think came out nice, I post-process and print them out.” He also studies the cameras used when they are filming, so when the director says what lens (35mm, 50 mm) they will use, even without looking at the angle, the actor already has an idea of what the size will be. What a pro! It’s such a dream to work with him.
  3. He has not been to the Philippines, and when asked where he wants to visit, he replied, “I just want to go to a beach, and take a comfy rest, and eat local food.”

His message to a newly-widowed fan: ‘I want to tell you that you will have brighter days to come’

  1. This or that:

Soak in soy sauce vs dip in soy sauce: Dip

Yes mint chocolate or no mint chocolate: No

Cold buckwheat noodles or spicy buckwheat noodles: Cold

Eat only pizza for one year or eat pizza or eat no pizza for one year: (Yes, that one got me, too. But he later said he’d rather eat no pizza for one year than eat pizza for one year. Obviously!)

Hyun Bin says he’d rather eat no pizza for one year than eat pizza for one year.

Taste or smell: Taste. Not that he cannot smell, he quips.

Bench or Bench: (the obvious choice) He likes Bench because the designs are very simple and good for everyday wear. Aside from being practical and comfortable.

Book or TV: Book

  1. Tweets and fan letters were read to him, and I was particularly touched by a fan who lost her husband recently, and watching Hyun Bin’s shows and looking up to him, she said, helped her recover from the grief. His message to her: “I hope you have more days to smile. And I want to tell you that you will have brighter days to come.”

Hyun Bin reading one of his fans’ letters

  1. Can you greet your fans in Filipino for the last time?

“Mahal ko kayo!”

Hyun Bin says “Mahal ko kayo” shared on Facebook by Hyun Bin Philippines fan page.

I should have said “Saranghaeyo Hyun Bin-ssi” when I had the chance! (Read: Has he moved on from CLOY? Saranghae, Hyun Bin)

What has been replaying on your head?

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