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The nearly impossible poll:
Who is your BTS bias?

This is just a fun survey among true purple-blood Armys
(and feel free to add comments)

Kim Namjoon is the leader of BTS, with key words the Army respondents use to describe him. (Illustration by Chyla Guerrero)
Kim Namjoon is the leader of BTS, with key words the Army respondents use to describe him. (Illustration by Chyla Guerrero)

Asking who is your bias in a K-pop group is just like asking what’s your favorite song in their album. You love them all but there’s one who just simply stands out.

We did a fun, little “who’s your bias” survey among Filipino ARMY, that included OT7, or One True 7, and our awesome (and handsome) manager Sejin among the choices.

What was the overwhelming response? Nearly 30% of a little over 50 respondents said their bias is—OT7! It’s the true dyed-purple-in-the-wool ARMY reply.

We love Kim Namjoon, Kim Seok jin, Min Yoon gi, Jung Ho seok, Park Jimin, Kim Tae hyung, Jeon Jung kook, BTS! “BTS will not be BTS without the 7 members,” Mariz Luis wrote in the survey.

Most replied that they are OT7 with a “soft spot” for a member or two—or three. ARMYs almost always have a bias wrecker, because, as Zaza Sarmiento said in the survey, “every day is another day to get biased wrecked.”

Glen and Jessica both wrote that it’s difficult to choose just one member because as Glen put it, “Each member has his own charm that shines through every time.”

Jessica added: “It is easy to appreciate them individually, they have different personalities and it’s all endearing, you really can’t choose.”

Maia said that “when you are deeply into someone or in this case, all of them plus Manager Sejin, you really don’t need that much reason you just simply love them for who they are 💜 They are happiness, amazement, and brings the universe all at once.” And it’s a love that extends to Big Hit and its staff.

Kate Diane Rudolfo summed it up for all of us: “Because OT7 is the best decision ever 🙂

Read on to find out why ARMYs dedicate themselves to their One True 7, and also have a soft spot for individual members and Manager Sejin:

To introduce our respondents’ comments, here are words associated with each member:
















Seokjin (Illustration by Chyla Guerrero)

Seokjin (Illustration by Chyla Guerrero)




makes fun of himself/ self-deprecating

boy next door

worldwide handsome



never bossy

healthy appetite


outstanding human



loves Mom

dad jokes



a charmer





every Mom’s dream son/ son-in-law





make people feel better/ empathy

takes care of his dongsaengs without being imposing



quiet but brilliant, firm yet gentle, chill yet profound

Yoongi (Illustration by Chyla Guerrero)

Yoongi (Illustration by Chyla Guerrero)


love his savageness and tsundere ways

amazing lyrics

steady tenacity

genius musician

gummy smile

Hobi (Illustration by Chyla Guerrero)

Hobi (Illustration by Chyla Guerrero)



great dancer




real ray of sunshine

Jimin (Illustration by Chyla Guerrero)

Jimin (Illustration by Chyla Guerrero)


stunning visuals

undeniable talent

affectionate to other members



shatters toxic masculinity tropes

cute baby mochi

ridiculously hot body rolls

ethereal grace

klutz tendencies

sweetest angel fairy

(debatably) the true Slytherin heir 😂



amazing dancer

unique vocals

nice attitude


Taehyung (Illustration by Chyla Guerrero)

Taehyung (Illustration by Chyla Guerrero)


beautiful face

quirky personality



blue-haired boy


Cardcaptor Sakura (Japanese manga)



loves Army so much



deep voice

sunny personality


signature pose


Jungkook (Illustration by Chyla Guerrero)

Jungkook (Illustration by Chyla Guerrero)


golden maknae

very beautiful face

really good at anything he does





little boy



young man

most artistically talented

most affectionate














While Jungkook is my super bias, I still love all of them! Each member has his own charm. I can’t even put it into words. — Jam Senga

OT7 with a soft spot for the rapline. All their songs heal.— Chummy

You truly find them when you need them the most

I’m an OT7 with a soft spot for JK, Jin, and Yoongi. I love the boys for their candor, humility, generosity, and genuine love and appreciation for their craft and fans. I have a soft spot for JK, Jin, and Yoongi because I feel them more–if that makes sense. With Jin, I share his sense of humor. Of him always lightening up the mood, being the joker, the icebreaker despite his own shyness. I appreciate how he takes care of his dongsaengs without being imposing. Their respect for him being their eldest hyung was earned through his sincere actions towards them. Suga— I admire his steady tenacity and complete devotion to music. He is a genius musician. He knows it and it shows through his works. He may not be the most affectionate but he loves his members fiercely. He is the one looking fondly at everyone, quietly, seemingly taking snapshots of their memories to be kept close in his heart and mind…always relieved that they have each other. With JK, we are both the maknae so I understand what it’s like to get away with almost everything. Haha! But he also loves his hyungs so much and it shows because he has such a soft heart for them. Being thrust in the spotlight at an early age, he only had his hyungs to guide him and give him some semblance of normalcy growing up. So for him to acknowledge that he was in a way raised by his hyungs and is a combination of all of them, goes to show how greatly he is influenced by them and how much he appreciates their love and guidance. His passion and dedication for his craft and his big, big love for ARMY is something I feel so much. I hope he never gets jaded and will always be the Bambi-eyed Jungkookie that everyone loves. I am so happy to have found BTS. You truly find them when you need them the most. Their songs, their message, inspire me to feel more, to love more, to love myself more. All we need is love and BTS. Borahae! — Claire Jorge-Abelardo

V is my first bias, because when my ate shows a video of BTS my eyes can’t stop looking at him cuz he is so handsome haha that’s why he’s my bias/husband ­— Ayesha Ambrocio

It’s difficult to have a bias because they are all so lovable. Each member has his own charm that shines through every time. But I have a soft spot for Suga, Jin, and Jhope. I love Suga for his rapping skills and his adorable curmudgeon ways. His gummy smile is so precious. Jin is too funny and self-deprecating. He’s too handsome but his crackhead ways keeps him relatable. Jhope is dynamite when he performs. For me he’s the most talented in the group. And I love his smile. He’s a real ray of sunshine. — Glen CS

OT7 with a soft spot for Taejin. I love each and every member and they all wreck me but Taehyung and Seokjin are the 2 members i relate to the most. — Alexandria Mendoza

Because every day it’s another day to get biased wrecked — Zaza Sarmiento

It was through YouTube that I discovered BTS by watching all their LYSY concerts in various parts of the world. So, there’s no particular member that caught my fancy first for me to start stanning the group. It was a good choice coz I could love them all and it is easy to appreciate them individually, they have different personalities and it’s all endearing, you really can’t choose. —  Jessica

I am really OT7 though I have a soft spot for JK. I just love their relationship and their teamwork. I really find them inspiring. And I feel like my whole ARMY is defined by my love for OT7. But, of course, I am forever endeared to JK. He will always have a special spot in my heart. But I strongly believe that to be a BTS ARMY, you have to love OT7 💜 — Ohne Lopez

Because I love all of them!!! BTS will not be BTS without the 7 members. — Mariz Luis

Because OT7 is the best decision ever 🙂 Kate Diane Rodulfo

OT7 with a soft spot for the Kim Line.— Aggie Aviso

I love how he wants his mother to be proud of him which motivated him to work doubly hard

When you are deeply into someone or in this case all of them plus manager Sejin you really don’t need that much reason you just simply love them for who they are 💜 They are happiness, amazement, and brings the universe all at once. I must say I love BigHit and their staff so much.— Maia

Originally, it’s Jimin because he is so sweet towards his group mates, he always hugs and comforts them every time they feel down or sad. He seems like a sweet guy also towards the ARMYs. And then RM, for being a genius and a great leader. I think it will be scary if he belongs to another group, he will be a fierce competitor . And now I am starting to get fond of Suga because of his serious and a bit scary personality but nice and caring at the same time. I really find it cute when the other members get scared of him, even Jin who is the hyung gets scared of him sometimes  I love ’em all. But final…our Golden Maknae Kookie who is so good at everything — Becky Pangan


Funny, witty, makes fun of himself, boy next door—Thelma

My bias is JIN aka WWH. Apart from his undeniable handsomeness, I like Jin for fulfilling the part of hyung to his fellow BTS members even as he is the bunso of his own family. He makes them smile with his easygoing personality, and is never bossy or domineering, unlike the typical ate or kuya. He has a healthy appetite that is at once both amusing and super cute. He is self-deprecating, aware that he is not the best dancer or lead singer, and is happy to let the other members shine. He was chosen to train for BTS based solely on his good looks, unlike the others who have already had training in dancing, singing, or rapping, but he works doubly hard to fill in the gaps in skill with a happy heart. His heartfelt conversation with Suga on In the Soop about how the other members motivate him to train harder, that it is crucial to surround yourself with good people, and his quiet encouragement to Suga were sweet reminders of just how good a person Jin is—an outstanding human in every sense of the word. His latest solo song Moon, expressing love for us ARMY, shows us a depth of character that recognizes, with humility, that his light is only borrowed, and that he shines in the darkness to make us, his Earth, happy. Love him. 💜 — Joan

Am an OT7 with a soft spot for Kim Seokjin— Erin Masangcay

Even if he is the hyung of the group, he still acknowledges the younger RM as their leader. — Becky Pangan

The only thing I will add is that I love how he wants his mother to be proud of him which motivated him to work doubly hard. I got teary-eyed when he shared how friends of his mother would boast about their sons and his mom just smiled. So he thought to himself that someday, his mom would be very proud of him. — Chit Herce

I’m an OT7 but I’d say Jin is my ultimate bias. 🙂 I like Kim Seokjin’s humor and his “dad jokes” and above all else, his SELF-CONFIDENCE. In fact, I learned to become more confident about my looks and started to experiment with my fashion and style because of Seokjin. 🙂 — Kel

That’s right, I’m more like OT7 with a soft spot for Jin. I just love how they dance and perform so well together. BTS is really great as a team! — Ria

I like/love all 7 but JIN is my bias. He is every mother’s dream of a son/son in- law! He is handsome, intelligent, witty, a charmer, sweet, funny, loving and most of all respectful and kindhearted💜💜💜 — Lirio Dizon

Apart from his devastating good looks, charm, and sense of humor, Jin became my bias ever since I found out that he makes an extra effort (takes an extra day or days) to practise before the other members learn the choreography. Being aware of one’s limitations but still having the patience and determination to do good and become better at one’s craft are what resonate most with me and should be an inspiration to all. He is so relatable, inspiring, and is really one of the most underrated idols of his time. #JINnifer #KimseokJENN <3 — Jenn Lazo

Love sa unang pagkikita ,😍 Silang pito or big hit family sa isa sa mga dahilan kung bakit ako sumasaya at kung bakit mas minamahal ko pa ang sarili ko 💜 — Janice

Same with (what others said but) also because he’s a fellow Sagittarius  He is an introvert but tries hard to make people feel better. I love him. — Ton Riv

He has kept a quiet but all-seeing eye on each BTS member


RM is my bias! I have never wavered from my bias from the start as I watched the profound intelligence of this man. He has kept a quiet but all-seeing eye on each BTS member and for me, he has played the biggest role in the triumph of this group. He kept them running as well as grounded—not an easy task and more so for a group that has become so big. I guess it is also my being true to myself (a BTS paradigm)— I do prefer quiet but brilliant, firm yet gentle, chill yet profound. I ❤️ RM — Nina Halley


I’m OT7 with soft spot for Yoongi. Love his savageness and tsundere ways. Plus his lyrics are amazing — Jill Legaspi 


J-hope is the underdog but one of the most talented among the members — Annie Ringor

Great at dancing — Tina


I’m OT7 but my ultimate bias is Jimin. Aside from his stunning visuals and undeniable talent in singing and dancing, I’m so soft at how affectionate he is to the other members. He doesn’t hesitate to comfort and hug whoever’s upset and freely admits to crying with them. I stan how he shatters toxic masculinity tropes like nobody’s business! He can be cute baby mochi one minute and do ridiculously hot body rolls the next. My heart aches whenever I see him crying coz I can empathize with how intensely he feels things and it makes me want to just protect him! I’m glad that he is now more secure in his abilities and less hard on himself like how he was when they were just starting. I’m not sure how to articulate the joy I feel when I see BTS performing or interacting but Jimin is, like all other 6 members, is a huge part of that. — Rizsa Baer

It’s hard not to be OT7, with all of them having their unique quirks and charms. I have the softest spot for Jimin though, with all his ethereal grace and klutz tendencies. Jimin who is somehow the sweetest angel fairy, but also (debatably) the true Slytherin heir 😂 He is an enigma of talent and passion and charm and…I don’t think our hearts ever stood a chance 🥺 — Praise

While I am OT7 (always!!!), there’s always going to be a soft spot in my heart for Jimin. He’s an amazing dancer, has unique vocals, and also has a nice attitude on top of it all. I also feel like I can relate to him in the way that he always works hard so he can be better at the stuff that he’s passionate about. — Cel

I’m an OT7 with a soft spot for Jimin. Jimin is the member who pulled me so strongly to the Bangtan Sonyeondan life. — Kat Mallari

He’s mesmerizing to watch when he performs and even lovelier to me when he’s being himself offstage.—  Rein G

Taehyung once chose Digimon over Pokemon in an interview and dressed up as Cardcaptor Sakura


He has a a beautiful face and I love his quirky personality. — Pot PM

The way V performs and his style. But really, I’m also OT7!— sherachan

Before BTS I had never listened to a K-pop song in my life. So when I watched the Boy In Luv video for the first time and saw this blue-haired boy stick his tongue out at me, I was shookt. Or should I say Jungshookt. — Liza Ilarde

I love them all so it all went into the wire and I chose a simple reason which is that Taehyung once chose Digimon over Pokemon in an interview and dressed up as Cardcaptor Sakura. — Aurora Primrose

I love his cute face — Jester Manalastas

An ethereal guy who loves Army so much 💜 —  Mich

I love V because of his silly attitude. I love the way he takes care of his members especially Jungkook since JK is the maknae of the group. Love his role in Hwarang. I love how friendly he is to everyone. I love his deep voice which is the opposite of his sunny personality. I love the way he dances and sings (listen to Singularity). I love the way he smiles and when he does his signature pose. He’s been my ultimate bias since 2016. — Elinia Margaret Deih M. Suerte

I really love all 7 to be honest. I am an OT7 but always find myself falling for V (my bias) because of his quirkiness. In fact, he’s not my type (physically), so the fact that he can make me fall for him despite not having the physical attributes that I normally go for makes me wonder why I always gravitate towards him IS the reason itself. — Vanna Martinez

Sejin is like a dad to the boys, watching over them with love and pride


My bias is golden maknae Jungkook. Aside from the obvious fact that he has a very beautiful face, I admire the fact that he is really good at anything he does. He can sing very well and dance in a fierce way at the same time. It’s like his personality changes from being a meek little boy during interviews to a rough and sexy young man whenever he performs. — Jing Liutongco

He is the most artistically talented and seems to be the most affectionate. — Marco Protacio

The best singer, dancer and super gwapo.Aries Almiranez

He is so handsome. — Ellah Viray

Jungkook fits the monicker Golden Maknae to a T.As what RM said before, he is very precious to the team. He is a well-rounded performer, he can sing and dance really well. He has this charisma on stage, his being center really fits him. You are drawn to him when he performs. He works like a magnet. Of course add to that he is very creative too. Even if he seems to be getting a lot of attention and praise, he always maintains his humility. — April Sison

I find Jungkook to be the most talented. — Ea

Awesome singing, dancing, funny, competitive, goodlooking — Valerie Belbis

OT7 always but with Jinkook as my bias. Aside from their talents and personalities, I really love their bond. They may be the farthest in age but they’re very heartwarming and heartwarming to watch. They’re opposites but they think alike. One of the reasons why I like Jungkook is because we have the same taste in music. For Jin, I like watching him in variety shows. — minimonihobi


Sejin is like a dad to the boys, watching over them with love and pride. Of course, he’s very handsome, too. — nikko

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