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PH among top 3 countries
that stream most for BTS

Filo ARMY flex online might for Butter
(regardless of country's internet speed)

BTS break world records anew with 'Butter' (Official photo of BigHit Music)

When BTS, the world’s biggest band, broke the internet a few days ago with their latest single, Butter, their Filipino fans, who number millions, delivered one of the biggest streaming numbers in the world. They certainly flexed their online might, no matter that the Philippines doesn’t really have one of the strongest connectivity in the region.

The Philippines was third among 15 countries that streamed the most on Spotify, after the US and India. The Philippines recorded 753,000 streams, according to Spotify.

In its official YouTube blog, the streaming site announced on Sunday, May 23, that Butter, a delightful dance-pop number, had 108.2 million views, a new all-time 24-hour record. Butter also had 3.9 million peak concurrent views when it premiered Friday, May 21, setting another all-time record.

BTS (short for Bangtan Sonyeondan or Bulletproof Boyscouts) now holds the top two spots on YouTube for the biggest song debut. Their song Dynamite, also a terrific disco tune, reigned number one with 101.1 million views in the first 24 hours and a peak of 3 million concurrent views when it premiered in August 2020, until it was dislodged by Butter. This just goes to show that these days, BTS’ toughest competition are themselves.

Butter and Dynamite are the South Korean band’s two all-English songs.

Butter also scored another record on Spotify, with 11.042 million filtered global streams on its opening day—the biggest song debut in Spotify history.

On Twitter, BTS Charts and Translations (@/charts_k), a huge BTS fan account that monitors the septet’s performance on global music charts, listed the top 10 countries that streamed Butter on YouTube on its release date.

The Philippines was 6th with 7.161 million streams.

The Philippines was also among the countries that swiftly brought Butter to the top of the iTunes charts.

Filo-ARMY (short for Filipino), also known as Pearls, have always been considered as one of the “streaming monsters” among ARMY, the official name of BTS’ fan base, often ranking in the top 10 countries that deliver the numbers for Bangtan for their streaming records.

It’s an impressive feat given the slow internet speed in the Philippines, which BTS members themselves experienced when they were in Coron, Palawan, in 2017. The Wi-Fi connection was down or weak so that Suga, in all candor,  casually said that he had ample time for self-reflection because he couldn’t use his gadgets.

Last March, the government said the Philippines’ mobile and internet speed has improved based on data from a global monitoring firm. It’s about time. And it may not be much but that probably added to the Pearls’ voting power, already driven by their passion and commitment to contribute to bringing BTS to the top.

And even beyond the 24-hour streaming run for the song’s premier (where fans seriously devote several hours online), Filo-ARMY continue to work hard. On Twitter, huge fanbases like the Army Cavite Fan Base (@army_cavite) are still rallying Pearls to continue streaming Butter. As ARMY always say, longevity is the goal.

They have also begun pushing  for BTS and Butter to be played by local radio stations and have also begun voting in local music polls.

On Monday, May 24, BTS yet again showed they were unstoppable. They won in all the four categories they were nominated in at the 2021 Billboard Music Awards (BBMAs).

The seven-piece band comprised of RM, Jin, Suga, j-hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook won the Top Duo/Group award for the second time; the Top Song Sales Artist and Top Selling Song (for Dynamite), their first; and the fan-voted Top Social Artist for the fifth consecutive year.

“Thank you to ARMY and BBMAs for such an incredible title,” j-hope said in the band’s acceptance speech aired from Seoul, South Korea.  Suga added: “Let’s stay connected as always”.

“ARMY, we love you! We purple you!” BTS said with all their heart.

For sure, Filo-ARMY contributed a significant number of votes for the Top Social Award, even creating hashtags that trended such as SA BTS ANG BOTO KO, BTS AMING SINTA and BTS AT BTS PA RIN—unyielding in their support for BTS.

Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube

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